How To Add Your Events To Google Calendar

by Rubie Tiburcio

You can easily add the event you have created on your Sitecast project using the following snippet of code.

<a href="{{ EVENT_TITLE | url_encode }}&dates={{ EVENT_START_DATE | date: "%Y%m%dT%H%M%S" }}/{{ EVENT_END_DATE | date: "%Y%m%dT%H%M%S" }}&details={{ EVENT_INFO | url_encode }}">Add to Google Calendar</a>

This format uses the Liquid Templating language to parse the actual data from the built-in Content Management System.

Replace the EVENT_TITLE, EVENT_START_DATE, and the EVENT_END_DATE with your project's content. When configuring the EVENT_INFO, we recommend to use the event's URL code to make sure the information your attendees will get is always up-to-date.

By simplifying the process in adding your event, you will have many more potential attendees in your future events! Keep your audience's calendar more eventful!

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