How To Clean Up Dead Links To Get Better Search Engine Rankings

by Rubie Tiburcio

Once you have published any link to the wide web, you are responsible for that URL.

It is very important to clean up and take care of the dead links and re-direct it to the appropriate URL. Otherwise, you will get penalized by search engines which will affect your ranking.

Here are the steps to configure the URL re-direct using the Sitecast builder:

  1. Go to the web project’s Content Hub.
  2. Go to Resources tab. This is where the URL was set.
  3. Go to the item’s edit view.
  4. In the Advanced Settings, put in the appropriate URL. If the URL no longer exists, we suggest to set the re-direct to the root domain.

Do remember, every link you have launched is a responsibility of yours as the owner of the digital real estate. Dead links should be re-directed to avoid penalty from search engines which will cause poor ranking.

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