Introduction To The Content Hub: Sitecast’s Content Management System

by Rubie Tiburcio

Sitecast Editor has an integrated Content Management System (CMS) to help manage your resources across your website or web apps.

If you do not know what a CMS is, we recommend you get familiar with the terminologies.

Sitecast Content Hub is where you will manage all the content in your site. Hence the name, it serves as the hub for all the dynamic content you store and manage throughout your application. This serves as the main tool for your content managers to add, remove, and publish contents.

There are two main concepts to know:

  • Item types - For instance, if we were creating a restaurant menu, there will be appetizers, first course, main course, dessert, and drinks, etc.
  • Items - These are the individual objects in your hub e.g. French Fries, Burger, Lava Cake, Milkshake, etc.

Create Item Types For Each Category

When the item type is created, the editor automatically generates resources also known as the URL for the particular item type in the Sitecast Content Hub. The screens for each item type are also generated -- one for the collection of each item type and the other is for the overview of an individual item for that item type.

For instance, when you create an appetizer item type, the system will also generate the creation of the screen where you can display all the appetizers menu (collection of items of this item type) and a screen for each appetizer item overview.

Sitecast Editor Item Type

Field Generator

When a new item type is added, users can freely add attributes for any item type. In the toolbar, go to the content hub -> select one of the item types you created -> select add new field using the field generator.

Sitecast Editor Field Generator

For example, if we want each instance of appetizers to have a food picture, we will add a new field which is a smart asset type and we will call it food_photo. When a new field type is added for an item type, it will dynamically add the field in the Content Hub’s form for content managers to fill out.

Managing Resources From Content Hub

Each item type has its own tab in the Sitecast Content Hub’s Dashboard. Navigate to one of your item types. When you add a new item of a particular item type, you will see all the fields are automatically added to the form to unify the process for designers and content managers.

The Resources tab is where all the generated URLs in the Sitecast Content Hub are stored. This resource metadata is what Content Managers need to manage and optimize to get better rankings in search engines. Each item of an item type created has its own optimization form. These are the URLs search engines crawl and index when your website or web app is live.

Through the Sitecast Content Hub’s Resource manager, you can also set redirects, manage all the slugs (URLs), and configure the publishing information for your content.

With an integrated Content Management System, we have simplified the way to decouple the data from the design while making it simpler for Content Managers to manage data (add, remove, optimize, publish, etc.) on your websites or web apps.

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