How To Deploy A Site To The Production Environment

by Rubie Tiburcio

Deployment has historically been time-consuming for developers. With the Sitecast Editor, we simplified the technology stack and automated the process of deploying your projects with ease. The technology stack has been shortened reducing the tasks required by integration managers and infrastructure engineers.

When your project is ready for production, simply create an AWS account and follow this tutorial to deploy in Amazon Web Services

Once your code is deployed to your AWS bucket, it will generate a Cloud Front URL from which you will integrate with the Cloudflare services.

Ideally, you should manage your domain name with Cloudflare. This will instantly add an SSL certificate (https) and ensure your site loads super quick.

Signing up for Cloudflare will walk you through the very quick setup process.

In your current DNS registrar, change the nameservers to what Cloudflare provides. It may take a few hours to propagate.

Once set up, in Cloudflare you need to create a CNAME for www with the given Cloud Front URL generated when you deployed your Sitecast project to AWS.

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